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Eachine Tyro 99 Beginner FPV Quadcopter Kit | Build Guide

The Eachine Tyro99 is a 5inch FPV Miniquad Kit, you can pick up from a number of retailers. It includes all the parts you need to build a fully functional Miniquad (with the exception of the receiver). It markets itself as a great entry point into the FPV Drone Community for those who want to build their own, but don’t know where to start with components.

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FPV Camera for Drone | Key Factors and Recommendations

FPV stands for First Person Viewing. Why do we need a camera? Good question right!!! An FPV camera must provide a live analog video feed to the pilot such that the pilot can maneuver his drone. The video feed from this FPV camera is going to help the pilot to fly. HD cameras are another breed of cameras used on mini quads. Now the next question that comes to your mind is why there are 2 different types of cameras?

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