Distributed Sky Launches a Blockchain Framework For Drone Market

Distributed Sky team has been developing software tools that help organize the market for autonomous drone services for the past two years. In 2017 it became clear that a UAS traffic management (UTM) system is the major next step the drone industry needs to go through to unlock the full potential of autonomous drones.


The team was doing research on the UTM technologies for the past 6 month working together with experts from Airalab, Simlabs and other research groups. “The project of such scale and complexity requires a joint effort of all stakeholders in the commercial drone industry because we all have to share the same airspace,” COO Vitaly Bulatov tells DroneNodes. “Blockchain technology can facilitate the cooperation of all stakeholders on commercial drone market”.

DISTRIBUTED SKY is a global air traffic management system running on a world computer.

In future where drones will be collecting data, delivering packages and even transfering people in “smart cities”, UTM will be a complex system consisting of many components. They can generally be divided in three groups: traffic, communication and supplemental data.

With the end of research phase the team is ready to show the first part of the vision - UAS registration system. It is powered by public Ethereum blockchain which allows global access and guarantees validity of data. The system allows to give an identity to an autonomous system which later can also be used to create “smart contracts” directly between users and autonomous drones. Other components of Distributed Sky UTM system are already discussed.

Airalab team is helping with market mechanisms and blockchain technology. This allows to improve cybersecurity of UTM systems, as well as provide a monetary incentive for private companies to support the infrastructure for public initiatives like UTM. Distributed architecture protects the system and allows to organize communication of autonomous systems locally through a peer-2-peer network. 

Simlabs team has been developing Air Traffic Management simulation and training solutions and has a deep understanding of traffic management in aviation. In Distributed Sky project Simlabs is using its UAV simulation environment platform to work on reliable and convenient mechanisms for creating and managing airspace structure and drone highways, UAV flight plans generation and deconfliction, as well as UAV swarms formation and local navigation patterns analysis.

Considering ground infrastructure and ground elevation allows to deduce long routes over cities and minimize distraction and noise in quiet populated areas. On the individual level, drones can perform multiple missions in one flight, as well as jointly execute single service to optimize the performance and bring extra benefits for drone service providers in future.


Vitaly Bulatov COO of Distributed Sky



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