In map above you can find links to all country regulators in different stages of regulation. Find your applicable regulation by clicking on to the relevant country on the interactive map above. 

United States NO FLY ZONES Map

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles and Systems like multirotors and fixed-wing aircraft are at the core of new airspace regulations by the Federal Administration Association or FAA. Some states and cities in the US have implemented their framework of no-fly zones. Mapbox Map establishes no-fly areas where drones are not allowed around all national parks, airports, and military bases, across the states.


UK Airspace is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA. NoFlyDron´╗┐es charted essential rules in useful interactive map showing no-fly zones in the UK. They use laws and rules of the UK Air Navigation Order (CAP393) to show an interactive tool that can help you for flight planning.

Regulations around the globe

All countries around the world are working on a framework for drone regulation, as they are becoming more and more widespread, from hobbiests to professionals. But it's most important to have clear Drone Regulation Framework and Laws for businesses that want to adopt the use of drones as part of their organization advancements.

As we showed through our infographic Drone Applications, more and more industry sectors are adopting Unmanned Vehicles in their business operations, and clear rules and regulations are essential for drones to be safely adopted in core processes.

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