What You Need to Know to Legally Operate Your Drone Under New FAA Regulation

On August 29th, 2016 the commercial drone industry changed forever. That’s the day the new Small UAS Rule, aka Part 107, went into effect. Although the details around Part 107 were announced back in June, August 29th represents a critical moment for the industry as a whole since it’s the first day people could legally operate under Part 107.


Of course, anyone who is unfamiliar with Part 107 or had been waiting specifically for this moment to investigate how drones could or would be a fit for their business might not know how this actually changes things. What exactly do people need to do in order to legally fly under Part 107? How difficult of a process is it? Does Part 107 cover everything? Read more

Source: expouav.com

Photo Courtesy: expouav.com; slantrange inc; drone view technologies


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