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BetaFPV Beta85 Pro 2: 85” Freestyle Acro Whoop Review & Testing

Today we’re going to check the Beta85 Pro 2 micro brushless whoop from BetaFPV. We’re quickly go over it’s features and specs and show you how to set it up. The Beta85 is a powerful 2″ micro quad that I would recommend for intermediate pilots that want to progress in FPV, practice flying and learn some freestyle. You can also fly it safely indoor, yet capable of handling breezy conditions outdoor too.

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Taranis QX7 Review | FrSky Budget Transmitter

Today I'm checking out the FrSky Taranis QX7. This is a budget FrSky radio transmitter; and you may know that FrSky is a popular brand in the hobby. The QX7 is sort of a mix between the Taranis Plus and the Horus. However QX7 has had the price slashed down to minimum, but leaving all the 'must have' functionalities. 

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Mobula 7 HD Review | Best Acro Cinewhoop

Today we'll be reviewing this fantastic Mobula 7 HD, the power HD cinewhoop from HappyModel. Unless you were hiding under a rock last year the Happy Model Mobula 7 took everyone by storm.  The upgraded version comes with HD Camera and bigger motors. Let's dive into the details

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