Wealth Discrepancy Photographed by Drone

UnequalScenes is a series of Drone Photographs through South Africa, taken by Johnny Miller, Cape Town based videographer. Discrepancies in the economic standard are more than obvious when looked from a height of several hundred meters.


I focused initially on communities with a large disparity of wealth close to my home of Cape Town. This was due to my limited resources and the knowledge I have of the area. Initially I focused on two communities, Masiphumelele and Imizamo Yethu, which I knew to be located very close to wealthier suburbs. Just how close they are, to me, was a bit shocking. Many people who have seen the photos, including myself, told me that to see it from the air, was a perspective that they had never seen before. Johnny Miller

Unequal Scenecs

Papwa Sewgolum - Golf Course

Alexandra - Sandton

Kya Sands - Bloubosrand

Vusimuzi - Mooifontein Cemetery

Masiphumelele - Lake Michelle

Hout Bay - Imizamo Yethu

Vukuzenzele - Sweet Home

Johannesburg - Primrose

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