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Following some amazing drone photography skills, it is now time for a list of the best drone videos of 2016. However, no contest preceded, so we are not going to hand out prizes: it’s just a selection of videos particularly enjoyed that have been published in the past year.

Compared with last year is that many videos are now included in 4K resolution. This is clearly a consequence of the rise of a new generation of camera drones. Furthermore, stitching together some nice aerial shots is no longer a guarantee of a good video: the best drone videos really tell a story, and take the viewer as it were on a journey.

Furthermore, installation and integration of soundtracks and sound effects is clear step forward. The bar is always higher; We are already looking forward to the drone videos that will be published in 2017!


Reint Verkerk is masterly shooting some beautiful drone pictures, and he makes his videos using Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3. The video is a compilation of images made by Reint in the course of time.


Ayers Rock, or Uluru as the aboriginals call it, is perhaps the most famous rock formation in the world. The monolith is located in the sweltering heart of the Australian outback. Each year, the rock is visited by hundreds of thousands of people. You too can now enjoy this natural phenomenon, thanks to this spectacular recordings using a drone in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.


If there is one country that exerts so much attraction for drone pilots is Iceland: from the air, there are the rugged lava landscapes, waterfalls, and breathtaking glaciers. Therefore it’s not surprising there are numerous drone videos of Iceland. The short film Vindur (Icelandic for wind) from Vadim Sherbakov.


In a world total of 80,000 kilometers, which took seven months and involving 12 countries , filmmaker Christian Grewe took plenty of time to capture the landscapes he encountered from the air in 4K resolution. The result is a beautiful drone video, AIR Time. 


Filmmaker John Duncan shoots drone videos across Scotland shows in a beautiful way. Duncan takes you across the Scottish highlands and mountainous areas in the east of the country. 


The first place in this list is reserved for the 17-year-old Mathias Haughom from Norway. His drone videos of Norway are a delight to the eye and can compete with drone videos of professional image makers. One of the jewels of Mathias is ‘Norway from Above’.


Not for nothing that director Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as a backdrop for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and later The Hobbit trilogy. Certainly the South Island offers an unparalleled variety of landscapes. In few places in the world, you can drive within an hour both subtropical rainforests traverse and the alpine peaks.


Do you enjoy the rugged landscapes of North America, then you should definitely take a look at this video of drone Mike Bishop. You will be taken along locations such as the Rocky Mountains, the prairie areas around Alberta and then Vancouver Island in Canada, and then through the US west coast to cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to end in the desert of Mexico.


Time Out London published the wonderful videos Before Sunrise – a drone’s eye view of London at dawn ‘, which shows how the megacity of London in the early morning comes alive and changes from a nocturnal still life in the bustling metropolis. For the record: the video was shot entirely in accordance with the rules, normally you’d be out of your mind to fly into London with your drone.


Atmospheric teaser video of Stoner House by MFS Studio, Stoner Park has a long history going all the way back to the Stone age and some parts of the house are around 850 years old. MFS brings some insights on drone photography, and the story behind the ‘Stonor Park’ video.

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