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Best FPV Goggles Comparison Guide | Fatshark, Orqa, Skyzone Review

Your FPV Goggles are what lets you actually become your drone. They allow you to jump inside and see things from a pilots perspective and are what makes drone flying so magical and addictive. With so many options out there choosing drone goggles suited exactly for your needs can be difficult. We've written indepth guide to help you get on top of things and send you in the right direction!

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Power Distribution Board PDB

A Power Distribution Board is also known as PDB, is an overlooked component simply because it is outdated. Electronic components have come a long way in the past decade. Back in the day, PDB’s were an essential component in the building of a drone. But is it still a viable option? Let’s find out.

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BetaFPV Beta85 Pro 2: 85” Freestyle Acro Whoop Review & Testing

Today we’re going to check the Beta85 Pro 2 micro brushless whoop from BetaFPV. We’re quickly go over it’s features and specs and show you how to set it up. The Beta85 is a powerful 2″ micro quad that I would recommend for intermediate pilots that want to progress in FPV, practice flying and learn some freestyle. You can also fly it safely indoor, yet capable of handling breezy conditions outdoor too.

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FPV Antenna Fundamentals

Antennas are one of the easily overlooked things by FPV’ers. Your car is only as good as your tires. FPV Antennas collect the video signals generated by the VTX and transmit it wirelessly where another Antenna placed on the receiver collects this video signal and process it and display it onto our goggles. All of this happens in less than 40ms, in comparison an average human takes 100-150ms (1/10th of a second) to blink.

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