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Do you have a passion for drones, FPV or STEM? Would you like a place to share what knowledge you have? You can write for us and become a contributor on Drone Nodes Network.

Thousands of people visit DN every month for trusted reviews, tips and tricks, and reliable advice. Our aim is to provide high quality resources regarding remote control drones. It is our principle goal to help people and share content that is useful, actionable and high quality. You can also be a valuable member and write for DN Network.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Firstly submit three suggestions or topic ideas
  • Provide a personal introduction, explaning which site you work with already and what you are looking for
  • Give examples of your work.​

​Maintaining the high quality of content on our site is important to us, so please follow our guidelines. We will have full ownership rights to content provided for us, and we will edit it or republish it as we see fit. If you are interested in cross-content promotion, let us know.

We will require:

  • A short author biography.
  • Pictures or videos for the content - not necessary, but encouraged.
  • One anchor text and URL for linking

Building community

Any comments on any post on the site must be replied to by its original author.​

If you are approved, and we have agreed on our topic, we will require the following:

  • The article will have to be: 1000 word or more. Beneficital to readers and written engainingly.
  • ​In correct English with no error of any kind.
  • ​non-copy that is 100% free of any plagiarism and can pass a check
  • ​Well-written content in style that is understandable
  • ​Human written content which has not been subjected to spinnning, formatted properly, using appropriate headings, bullet points, bolding etc.
  • ​No spam

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