Codrone – First Programmable Consumer Drone

Among the many products that have been screened at this year’s CES 2016 show in Las Vegas, there was a significant number of drones, so no wonder that we missed many of them. But the drone from company Robolink called CoDrone needs a special presentation because it is chosen among the 10 most innovative products of the fair.

In short, the company Robolink dealing with education programming and works with more than 20 schools in the United States, produce their robots with the idea that children get their hands into something that can immediately show the results of code writing, and CoDrone is manufactured with the same idea in mind.

Firstly, this drone comes in a kit, which means that you need to assemble it first, where you have more options to customize their preferences and tastes. Subsequently, the drone can program all the elements of movement and navigation using the programming language C.

This means that it can program them to accompany you, flying to a certain height at a given time, to move the desired corridors, and use it to play games and to program his AI, as you can see in this video.

So you do not have to cram a programming language from the book, which many, especially children, declines from learning. The company has issued plenty of instructional videos that explains the programming of the individual functions, so they say their drone is a best educational tool that will help nine-year-old children in programming.

The project is currently in the system crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and 48 days before the end of the campaign instead of $ 50,000 collected $ 84,187. In addition to the basic robot, the company will offer for $ 209 a set in which there is an additional kit with whose help it can turn into a rover, and they offer kits for classrooms, where there are 5 or 10 kits intended for schools.




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