iFlight Nazgul 5 Review | Perfect Beginner FPV Quadcopter

iFlight Nazgul 5 227mm 5-inch FPV racing drone comes in a few different variants. You can choose between 4S version that has the 2207 2750KV motors and 6S version which has the 1700KV motors. A perfect beginner and amateur FPV quadcopter that comes with an affordable price and very good quality.

The quadcopter comes as a BNF (bind to fly) or PNP (plug and play). The BNF version offers two different types of receiver, FrSky R-XSR, and FrSky XM+. PNP version comes without a receiver and that means that you will have to buy a separate receiver and put it in by yourself.

At the date of writing this review, Iflight Nazgul 5 comes with a price of around 190 USD with free worldwide shipping for the PNP version and around 210 USD for the version that comes with the FrSky R-XSR receiver.

If we went ahead and bought all the parts separately, the price would come to around 215 USD without a receiver so you are saving yourself around 25 USD and 2-3 hours that would take you to build it completely.



Perfect BNF Freestyle Drone

iFlight Nazgul 5

Nazgul5 is a 5″ size BNF (Bind-and-Fly) quadcopter. Pre-tuned and setup, everything you need is just bind-and-fly! Loads of power and smooth flights guaranteed using our popular XING-E motors with long-lasting NSK bearings. Got a hard hit and snapped an arm? Don’t worry, get some spares with your order and easy-swap out in field. Wanna strap your GoPro on that beast as well? Checkout our collection of high quality TPU prints for your cam!

Build Quality


Everything came well protected in the box. The stack and some other screws needed some tightening but that’s to expect when buying a prebuilt quad. Solder joints are really good and shiny.

The camera at the front sticks out a bit too much and so it is really easy to crack the lens in a crash.

The standoffs are a bit too soft and it’s really easy to strip the thread. The carbon fiber frame is superb and feels like one big piece, nothing is vibrating or bending.

The quadcopter also comes with a lot of TPU which are really good quality but I didn’t find them that useful and it just adds unnecessary weight to the whole drone.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
  • Easy arm swaps – swap arms by removing only 1 screw!
  • Equipped with XING-E motors and NAZGUL 5140 props
  • 5″ version fits popular 5.1″ style propellers
  • Popular True-X configuration
  • Motorguard on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
  • Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks

Battery Options

As you probably already know, the battery is not included in the box and you’ll have to buy it separately.

If you are getting the 4S version then look for a 4S Lipo battery with a capacity of around 1300-1500 mah and at least 75C (higher is better).

For the 6S version look for a 6S Lipo with a capacity of around 1000-1300 mah.

While looking for batteries be sure to consider that there are a lot of different brands and the C rating isn’t always true. Some of the good brands are TATTU, GNB, CNHL, Lumenier and Thunder Power.

FC, ESC and VTX Stack

iFlight SucceX-E Flight Controller and ESC stack

Nazgul 5 comes with the iFlight SucceX-E Flight Controller and ESC stack.

The flight controller is an F4 board that comes with Betaflight 4.0.4 flashed. It has OSD, 4 Uarts, 8MB of BlackBox memory, 8 motor outputs, LED strip support, etc.

Input voltage is between 2-8S (up to 50V) and board target: STM32F405. Mounting dimensions are 30.5×30.5mm.

The ESC can go up to 6S voltage input. It’s a 45A board with really good filtering. It doesn’t have a current sensor or BEC and it supports DShot 600 and other protocols. Target: G-H-30.

6 ESC- 6S voltage input

iFlight the Force VTX supports IRC Tramp protocol. It has a microphone built in, the input voltage is between 7-24V. It has 48 channels, an MMCX connector and can go up to 600mW. It is also a 30.5×30.5mm board so it fits on all standard 5-inch mounting holes.

The stack comes with a 12 AWG wire with an XT60 connector and a 220uF 35V capacitor that smooths out voltage spikes.

FPV Camera

nazgul 5 fpv camera

The FPV camera that comes on the quad is the Caddx Ratel with a 2.1mm lens, a 1/1.8” sensor and a resolution of 1200 TVL. The camera comes with a small joystick that can be used to change the settings in the camera but the connector is very hard to reach so you will have to take the top plate off if you wanted to plug it in. The image quality is really good, it performs amazingly in low light and it is my favorite camera to use on any FPV quad.

Input voltage: 5-40V

Size: 19x19x19mm (micro camera)


iFlight XING-E 2207 motors

The Nazgul 5 comes with IFlight XING-E 2207 motors. 1700KV at 6S and 2740KV at 4S.

The motors are smooth and feel like a high-quality product. They have a screw on the bottom so you can easily remove the bell. There is also a bushing on the shaft inside the motor so if you over tighten the bottom screw, the motor still spins freely.Configuration: 12N14P


The quad comes with the iFlight Cidora 5” frame. It is a 215mm wheelbase frame made out of 3K carbon fiber. It supports both micro and mini cameras and both 30.5×30.5mm and 20x20mm stacks. Arms are made for 22xx and 23xx motors and can be replaced with removing just one screw.

Package Included

1x iFlight Nazgul 5 227mm FPV Drone 4S2x Battery strap4x NAZGUL 5140 CW Propeller4x NAZGUL 5140 CCW Propeller1x Iflight doom Antenna


 Author: Bruno Džambić Nađ


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