Matternet partners with Mercedes-Benz featuring Drone Delivery Vehicle

German concern Daimler announced that’re moving to a new strategic project called the adVANce, partnering with Matternet to work on commercial vehicle of the future.

According to the published data, about 200 of their employees will work at the Mercedes-Benz new van; advancing the electric drive in which the delivery system will be fully automated.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Exterior, Roof

When the van came to a destination, for example in the residential area, it could launch a couple of delivery drones to do the job, delivering small packets around the neighborhood.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

As Daimler specialises in making vehicles, but not drones, they are teaming up with American startup Matternet. Together they will develop technology with drones built into a van, which will serve only to delivery within the “last mile”, ie. delivering the package from the van to the client door.

In the next five years in the project will be invested half a billion euros.

Image curtiosity: Matternet


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