Teal – Fastest RTF Quadcopter in the World

Behind Teal Company there is classic American movie storie – a young man (George Matusgets his first drone by the age of 11, when he turned 16 he becomes proffesional drone ryder. Instead of going to college, Matus withe the help of bilionaire Peter Thiel founded his own company – Teal – that produced world fastest rtf quadcopter.

Matus quadcopter stands out from the sea of others by his speed. According to official figures Teal drone can fly at speeds up to 70mph, is stable in the wind speed up to 40mph and it can be managed by absolute beginners.

Like any serious drone – it’s also equipped with GPS and the Wi-Fi including other standard technologies. It has three USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0HDMI port, memory card reader, and 13 MP camera with 4K resolution – which can stream video in HD. Teal runs Nvidia’s 64-bit TX1 processor, has 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.

Flight time is depending on the battery up to 10 – maximum of 20 minutes. The drone has weight of 730 grams and the ability to carry cargo weighing up to 500 grams. It’s waterproof and can fly without problems in rain and snow.

The first commercial samples should become available in late 2016. (before the Christmas holidays), at price around 1300$.


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  1. They began selling these in June. It’s now August and no video’s of a “new” drone someone has received and no real answers from the staff other than production problems. Has anyone actually had one delivered?

    If so, make a video and show us what it’s like in Joe consumers hands.

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