Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Research

UAS4Enviro2017 | Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Research

University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) with The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) and INESC-TEC, Portugal, are organising the 5th International Conference on “Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Research”.


Photogrametric processing of UAV acquisition with the free open source software MicMac

MicMac is a free open source photogrammetric suite. It is rather targeted for professional users who need (want) tocontrol the complete photogrammetric pipeline. Its “interface” is based on command line which gives it the reputation of beingcomplex. In this presentation I will try to denounce this reputation of complexity by demonstrating the following processingchain on a real-case study:

  • computation of relative orientation;
  • computation of absolute orientation in 3 cases : with GCP, with embedded GPS and with both;
  • computation of DSM and ortho photo.​

Drones: powerful tools for sustainable forestry management

Facing the current problems of large scale plantations, forestry operations need to become in general more ecological andsocially adapted to stay productive for an unlimited period of time. Although the number of sustainable forestry operations isincreasing worldwide, considerable investments are needed to unleash the full potential of such projects.

The limited capitalflow into the sustainable forestry sector is caused – amongst others – by the present information situation which is diffuse,scarce and non-transparent. OpenForests is engaged in developing and providing tools which allow a solid and transparentinformation basis for decision makers like forest managers and investors. In this context, drones play a major role. From visualproject presentations to extensive data acquisition and analysis, drones allow a new level of transparency facilitatinginvestment decisions, enabling a data driven forest management and controlling, and helping to increase the project presenceand visibility on the market.

OpenForests’ CEO and drone expert will present some of the drone-based applications Summary:in the forestry and conservation sector. He will elucidate with practical examples how drones can assist in sustainable forestryoperations providing a wall to wall transparency amongst all stake-holders

Topcon solutions for UAV’s and mass data techniques integration.

Photogrammetry and LIDAR represents the main basis of the mass data acquisition techniques available in thegeomatics market currently. Topcon is present in the global market, developing and commercializing worldwide severalsolutions of hardware and software related with those mass data techniques, since more than 10 years.

Regarding specifically UAV’s solutions, Topcon is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the rotary wing Falcon 8, and the fixedwing Sirius Pro, respectively developed by two german companies, owned by the global giant Intel: Ascending Technologiesand MAVinci.On this presentation, we will talk about the capability of integration of UAV’s data with laser scanning and mobile mappingdata, and possible applications of such integration of data from different sensors, with different characteristics, accuracies andresolutions, in the same software platform.

The MAPP platform: remote sensing for agriculture based on satellite and drone data

MAPP is an online platform for dissemination of remote sensing data to farm managers. It leverages medium- resolution satellite data to provide information on crop evolution throughout the season, and allows visualization of high- resolution drone data. Drone data is processed in order to extract useful information that can provide insights for farmmanagement at the individual plant level, and a number of tools are provided to allow fine-grained intervention in the field.

You can check full Conferece Program at UAS4enviro2017


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