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I am an IT guy, researcher, amatuer photographer and FPV pilot that loves to tinker, fly, and find the latest and greatest gear around.

EMAX Babyhawk R 3 inch Micro Racing Drone

A modern day evolution of the original Emax babyhawk with noteable improvements. While stretching its wingspan to 3” makes indoor flight no longer possible, outdoor flight now becomes improved to staggering levels. If you have never flown a 3” micro quad like the Babyhawk R 3” at under 100grams on a 4S battery, then you have not lived.

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Emax Babyhawk 85mm Review | Still Rippin

When the Emaxbabyhawk launched years ago, the micro landscape was different. You had a collection of brushed micros from Eachine that flew ok, but not very reliable. Or you could cobble your own together if you really had the tenacity to stay with a micro build back in a time where brushless micros were still a pipe dream.

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