The ongoing improvement of cost-effective multirotors symbolizes game-changing technological breakthrough. Even though drones seem at first look to be an easy application of simple physics - air gets pushed down, craft gets pushed up - in fact; they represent an intersection of numerous advancements in electronic miniaturization, applied computing, robotics, imaging and satellite navigation.

Featured video: #MinChan FPV | Oh Wonder

Be sure to follow your country regulation policies and take all safety precautions before engaging in drone flying. Although drones are fun to play with, they are not toys. Accidence happen, and you want to minimize any risk of endangering anyone around and avoid damaging your drone and equipment. Specific country laws are ever changing; new rules are adopted and institutions are preparing for drones emerging in everyday life.


As Doc Brown, from ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, eloquently stated: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads“

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