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best fpv goggles

The best FPV goggles are comfortable, reliable, giving you immersive experience , whether you want a analog option like the OrqaFPV or DJI Digital.

drone batteries

In this guide we dive deep into factors that will  help you decide which is the right battery for a specific drone and your individual style of flying. 

Lipo Battery Chargers

FPV chargers are long-time investments that stick around for a while and investing in a good quality FPV charger would benefit the user in the long run.

FPV 101

First Person View FPV Drone

FPV referes to First-Person View, aka remote-person view RPV.
In technical terms FPV is a method used to control a radio-controlled
machine from driver or pilot's point of view.


Parts, Tools, Software, Skills and Mindset behind the DIY Drone Process. Anybody armed with the right information will be able to build a drone and learn how to repair and maintain it.


There is positive relationship between sim stick time and ability. Wherever you fall on the spectrum. Drone Simulators can help you speed things up a bit, gain confidence and test various FPV maneuvers.

Radio Control System


Radio transmitter reads your stick inputs and sends them through the air to your receiver in real time. Rx passes information it to  FC which makes the drone move accordingly.

TBS Crossfire Setup

TBS Crossfire is one of the most reliable long-range FPV radio control link. It is an external module that can be installed in the JR bay of your radio controller.


The radio receiver or RX is what receives the signal from the drone transmitter or TX and tells the flight controller what to do.

FPV Camera / Video Transmission


FPV camera captures video in real time and sends it to the VTx; where the video feed is displayed through googles. Cameras are small and placed at the front of the drone.

best vtx fpv video transmitter

Video transmitter or VTX in short is the component on the drone that transmits the video from our FPV cameras wirelessly to our FPV goggles. 


FPV Antennas collect the video signals generated by the VTX and transmit it wirelessly where another Antenna placed on the receiver collects this video signal and and display it onto goggles.


drone flight controller

With advancement in technology flight controllers have evolved greatly over the years with faster more powerful and better micro-controllers being used for better optimization of resources.


ESC is just like a gear box in a car, the gear box tells the wheels at which speed it must rotate, in the same way an ESC controls the speed at which the motor must rotate for the throttle applied.

PDB-Power Distribution Board

Power Distribution Board is also known as PDB, is an overlooked component simply because it is outdated. Electronic components have come a long way in the past decade. 


Drone Frame-carbon-fiber

Whether it’s made of Carbon, Wood, Metal, Plastic or Fiberglass the frame is the thing that holds your Drone together. Without it, you simply would not be able to take to the sky.


Propellers transform rotary motion into linear thrust. Drone propellers provide lift for the drone by spinning and creating an airflow. There are many different prop

drone building tools

Here we cover essential drone tools mostly overlooked but required to for building and maintaining your multirotor setup


Quadcopter Motor Brushless

This guide will help you understand the dynamics behind brushless drone motor used on quadcopters and how they influence flight characteristics so you can pick one more easly.

Brushless Motor KV

Brushless Motor Kv is one of the most important factors and variables in efficiency calculation, craft agility, it’s purpose, props dimension calculation, flight time, thrust, etc.

Rewind Brushless Motor rewire

When your motor burns out and bearings and the rotor seem fine, hang on to it and fix it. In this guide we're gonna go through rewinding process.

Batteries / Chargers

drone batteries

Batteries for your quadcopter have a few more areas of consideration than simply how long it will keep your craft in the air. Voltage and capacity are the most important things to consider

Lipo Battery Chargers

Batteries are the power sources for a quad. We use different types of batteries such as LiPo, Li-ion and LiHv. To properly charge this kind of batteries you need specific  reliable charger.

Lipo Battery Fire

Lipo Battery Fire - Top 5 Mistakes 

What mistakes cause lipo batteries to catch fire? When there is an imbalance the battery can be overcharged or overdischared that will damage the battery.

Enterprise Drone Systems

benefits of drones in construction

There are significant environmental and economic benefits to keeping buildings and other types of facilities..


UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming an integral part of infrastructure inspection practice.

Drones are now a part the wave of next-gen farming, a trend also known as smart farming

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best drone video editing software

Nobody is born with drone video editing skills. Just like you have learned to control and operate your drone, you will also learn to master the art of montage to a required extent.

FPV Analog vs Digital

DJI changed the FPV scene with the first compact digital FPV system. Digital HD FPV systems are limited to DJI for now, with companies like Fatshark and Orqa FPV working on Digital systems as well.

‎Butter Drones

Cinewhoops are drones specifically designed for capturing chrisp, stable, high-definition video. They are small, stable and much safer than your 5” FPV drone.