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Drone Delivery Service | Trust Factor

Drones have been making headlines for a mixture of positive and negative reasons. Although they're a great technology and there is potential to revolutionize logistics 'uber style', many people don't trust the technology. The concept of delivering packages and other goods via drone is fairly new, so there's plenty of time for the public to warm up to the idea.

In a poll conducted by YouGov, only 38% of people said they would trust an Amazon drone delivery service. An even smaller percentage, 23%, would trust a drone delivery service run by the United States Postal Service. You would expect Google, a leader in technology, to be more trusted with drones, but a measly 20% of people would trust a Google drone delivery service.

"Millennial" Americans, however, have expressed more trust in the possibility of their goods being delivered by drones than other age groups in the United States, so they will likely be the target audience of the first drone delivery service companies until the rest of the public becomes open to the concept.

Drone Regulation – Operating your drone safely and legally

In recent years the popularity of drones has risen dramatically. The technology is becoming cheaper, and their uses more widespread. Industries such as film, farming, and surveillance are all starting to make use of drone technology, not to mention the boom in popularity of hobby drones. But while their popularity is escalating there’s still some confusion about drone law.

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