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Drones in Agriculture 10 ways UAVs are Shifting Agri-Tech Paradigm

Odds are, you are familiar with drones and are aware of their primary use. While some leverage drones for aerial surveillance or just for recreational use, agricultural proprietors are slowly recognizing the monumental impact unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could have on land management. Drones are now a part the wave of next-gen farming, a trend also known as smart farming, a holistic, software-centric approach to long-standing growing traditions.

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CES 2019 Drone Tech Insights

CES or Consumer Electronic Showcase is produced and owned by the CTA or the Consumer Technology Association. It is the world’s meeting place for all tech enthusiasts and those who wants to have a business in that area. It is the providing ground for breakthrough technologies and for innovators for the last 50 years, and it is the stage where innovations are introduced to the global marketplace.

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