InterDrone 2018 High Lights

Interdrone: International Drone Conference

InterDrone is the largest commercial drone conference in North America. This was the event’s fourth year and 3rd time in Las Vegas. With over 3,500 attendees from all around the world and over 150 commercial vendors, I’d say the conference is here to stay.

The conference kicked off with a powerful video highlighting each industry represented at InterDrone. Followed by the grand opening keynote delivered by FAA administrator, Daniel K. Elwell. Elwell’s speech covered safety and future programs that will be implemented. “We’re certainly not strangers anymore, we are partners,” said Elwell.

In the exibition area there were so many solutions presented, you could feel the industry is growing and potential applications are endless.


Precisionhawk acquires InspecTools and HAZON

Precision Hawk CEO, Michael Chasen, announced during a grand opening keynote that his company has acquired both InspecTools and HAZON. This is a major move for this leading provider of drone technology. This will lead to a better integration between the collection and analysis of drone data.

“We can all agree this is a fast-growing industry, but is it growing fast enough?” Chasen asked.

InspecTools brings visual software and data analysis tools designed for the renewable energy market. HAZON brings extensive aviation expertise, standards-based operating procedures, certified drone operations and inspection services.

AirMap partners with and adds Open Source SDK

You can now insure your flights through AirMap. is now integrated into the AirMap app. While planning a flight you can now add insurance. They offer a variety of coverage options that are available world wide. This is the best addition since automated airspace authorization was added last October.

The QGroundControl platform is integrated with the open source SDK to easily put UTM services and airspace information into the hands of developers. The open source community will be able to easily use AirMaps’s safety, compliance, and airspace authorization tools in their own projects.

Yuneec partners with 3DR and release of all new E10T Dual Thermal Imaging Camera

Two founding members of the Dronecode software partnership, Yuneec and 3DR, announced a U.S. based joint venture to bring products based on the Dronecode platform to market. This is ideal because of 3DR’s Government Services expertise in software and Yuneec’s hardware mastery and manufacturing scale.

3DR Government Services will combine Yuneec’s UAV system expertise and manufacturing scale with 3DR’s software. 3DR Government Services’ first product is the Yuneec 3DR H520-G, which was unveiled at InterDrone.

Included is the complete 3DR Site Scan UAS platform, integrated into a custom version of the Dronecode-based Yuneec H520 hexacopter sUAS technology with a simplified and smaller controller designed for Apple iOS devices. It also includes integrations with both Ersi and Autodesk platforms, the leading software ecosystems in the construction and geospatial industries respectively.

Skywatch.AI partners with Three Leading Drone Software Providers

Skywatch.AI, a drone insurance provider, as announced three new partnerships that allow users to purchase drone insurance in a variety of ways.

Skywatch provides on demand insurance through an in-app purchase. Users can get insurance by the hour or a monthly plan combined with an artificial intelligence engine that provides feedback on pilot safety – and integrates a safe pilot discount into the price.

SkyWatch.AI insurance can be purchased directly from Drone Deploy’s dashboard, the Drone Harmony Planner app, or the Map Pilot mobile app.

InterDrone 2018 was a great experience. It’s clear now that drones are here to stay and this industry is booming. It’s a very exciting time to watch the industry grow!

Contributor: Terry Martin


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