Garila 1507 3755kV motors

Garila 1507 3755kV motors

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about these motors is that they are supplied in a set of 5 so you have a spare, which is great if (like me), you crash a lot! The blue, red and black colour scheme is pretty cool, and they are supplied with matching blue prop nuts too.

The base of these motors is somewhat unique as they have a hybrid naked / closed bottom. The base, on the opposite quarter to the wires, is closed to provide some additional durability in the area where they are most likely to suffer from impacts, which shows some real consideration in the design. However as ¾ of the base is open, they also have good airflow around the windings facilitating good cooling as well.

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Garila Motors fpv 1507 3755kV

These motors have quite a bit of resistance when turning by hand, showing that the magnets used are quite strong, so expect the amperage draw to be quite high. They are very torque-y and using an aggressive, high pitched prop provides some really impressive speed making them well suited for pilots that fly with a high camera angle. However the 3755kV should still provide good performance and a slight increase in flight times when using slightly less aggressive props too.

The stator windings use a thin multi stranded wire, given that current flows on the surface of a conductor, this increases the surface area, which in turn increases the area for current to flow. As with everything in the hobby there is a balance here, thinner wires are more likely to overheat and can burn out easier than thicker wires, but thicker wires are generally heavier, with increased resistance and, as they take up more physical space, this can limit the amount of possible ‘turns’ on the stator.

The Garila 1507 motors have a 5mm propeller shaft and are suitable for non “T” type props, I can confirm that the motor grub screws were all present and well tightened on receipt of these motors.

The mounting screws provided are perfect for 3mm thick carbon fiber and will not short out the motor windings when using a frame of this thickness.

The motor is held together with an M3 nut on the bottom of the motor shaft, rather than a sur clip, confirming that the design team at Garila have great consideration for ease of repair. This style of motor shaft is something that one would expect to find on a larger and more high end motor.

I didn’t manage to do a hover test of these motors before killing my FC, I do have a replacement on the way though… I did get about 4-5 mins flight time, I wasn’t going all out, but I wasn’t just cruising either, a few punch outs followed by spins, flips and split S’s, but no full speed runs or anything too major. This was using the Gemfan Flash 3052 props with a 4s 850mAh pack, AUW of about 300g on the Furibee X140 – so pretty good flight time considering weight and the aggressive pitch of these props.

Also no overheating, in fact the motors were hardly even warm at the end of these flights!

Garila 1507 3755kV fpv motors

These 3755kV motors show great performance with a 3” prop, I think a 4” prop with a 4S (16.4V) battery pack might get a bit warm, and aggressive 4” might overheat them, but this is something that I will need to do further tests with. I just need to get my thrust test stand working, it has been giving me a headache for 2 months now!

Important Update!

So I got my thrust test stand working and I can confirm that you SHOULD NOT run these motors with a 4” prop because they will burn out!!


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