fxt viper goggles v2 review

FXT Viper Goggles | Best Box FPV Goggle For Glasses

The FXT Viper Goggles are sort of new hybrid style modular box goggles for FPV, and you can actually use them with your glasses. There’s a lot of features packed into Viper V2.0, they’re pretty good and I think they’re on the right direction with this particual model. 

The first version of the Vipers were really popular, there’s a lot of reviewers and they could sort of known as the best box goggle ever.  So let’s go ahead and unpack the Viper:


fxt technology viper v2 goggles unboxing

Goggles come in nice box container where you can fit all your gear. In the box you get:

  • The Goggles
  • Standard style antennas (you want to take these off and put a patch on one side and a right hand circular polarized antenna on the other because these are SMA connectors.
  • Video cable (it does have video in and video out)
  • XT 60 adapter for your batteries so you can plug this into either a 3 or 6 S battery ( it has quite a big voltage range
  • USB connector style power cable
  • Adjustable strap for the top part
  • Little wipe towel

Now everything here does fit in the case quite nice and they break down totally so if you’re traveling with these it doesn’t really take very long to break them down.

FXT Viper Goggles Breakdown

Take the antennas off, pop the door open and pull them out. Easy 🙂 You can even pop off  bottom part. You can slide back on this side and now you can remove the eye gear off. Now you can see the mirrors


If you need to have a little bit of a visual reference or line of sight while you’re flying, you can actually take the silicon part off and then you can look around while flying or if you need to look down at your radio.

So that’s a little different from what we’ve seen with traditional binocular Fatshark style goggles or the standard box goggles. The way this works is it’s sort of a kind of a periscope type. There’s a 2 mirrors inside reflecting the image.

The image is coming from where the monitor sits, once I put the monitor the image looks crystal clear.

ModelStore OptionsReceiverTypeRate
FXT VIPER 2Banggood5.8 GhzBox Goggles★★★★★


Hit the power button on the very back, press and hold that and it will power up. 

viper goggles welcome screen

You’ll see that FXT logo on the screen first and then it’s going to go to your Mode 1.

viper v2 fxt goggles mode 1

On top you have a menu bar that gives you more information on particular band and channel you’re on. You can also see battery voltage left in my 4S battery that’s powering monitor. So that’s kind of usefull to have all that information there.

Now you can switch through different modes so you can get to your DVR playback, switch to the HDMI mode, do auto scan or format your SD card.

On the right-hand side, where the power light is, if you long press it will take you inside DVR, or if you short press it’s actually going to start recording to your SD card.

dvr mode fxt viper

In the back of this monitor you have a 5 way joystick and if you press it up down left or right or in it does different things.


Push right


Quick push to the right will bring up channel and band menu. You can actually go through each band I can just push the joystick down and I can kind of scroll around up and down through the bands and channels.

Push left


Push to the left will bring a manual channel selection. Not bad to have, but the automatic option is so much easier and quicker.

Long press to the left you’re gonna get into that favorites menu. That’s actually kind of a nice option to be able to have favorites set up so you can just quickly get to your race quads channel and band.

Push Up


Push up will move you through the different modes that are available.

So we have DVR here and I can press again up here to start playing, and press again to stop. if I press up again that’s gonna take me over to the HDMI screen. Press up again that’s gonna take me back to the live view so pretty easy and intuitive to get used to.


On the left hand side you have one little port and that’s your HDMI port, so you can watch movies or any type of HDMI you would like to.

Push Down


Push down will be our auto search. When you power up your quad it will quickly find your channel. 

Push Center

On center you enter the OSD Menu Settings, or when you’re in other menus it exits current screen and you go back to the main screen. 


One thing we do have to know about this particular set of goggles that it was locked into the 16:9 ratio so it was squeezing in the smaller cameras to fit this screen, but with the updated version we have here you have both 4:3 and 16:9 option which is great, because a lot of cameras that are coming out right now are actually coming out in 4:3

I can change the backlight variation and the backlight is how bright the screen is. Maybe on the darker days you could turn this back light up a little bit on the brighter days you could just turn it down a little bit and make them just a little dimmer.

You can do contrast color saturation and you can turn your volume up or down and I have mine set oh it’s a zero because every time you power up the goggles it makes the static noise so that’s just one annoying thing about it there.

The language you can change that from English to Chinese or you can do a factory reset if you get something kind of messed up in here and if I don’t press anything for a second it’s gonna go back to the main screen

If you’re wearing glasses it’s gonna be in focus for you. Some of the box goggles actually hurt my eyes so I don’t wear them for very long.

It seems like the screen looks too big but this is not oversized looking reflection that you have inside these goggles it doesn’t look gigantic the.

The FOV is 45 degrees and reflectivities is 85% so it’s a kind of a nice non reflective type of screen.



On the scale without a battery and with the cable  we’re looking at it’s around
590 grams if you had the 3S 1500 to the mix you’re putting that on the back of your goggles you’re looking around 710 grams.

It doesn’t feel heavy when you wear them.

The connectors are SMA and the voltage range is actually 7 to 28 volts so a 2’s battery all the way up to a 6S battery would totally safely power these.


One of the biggest things about this set of goggles is the fact that it does have a really nice reception coming from the quad. I have a sort of an older VTX that I used and it was really good.

I’ve tested it out just with the standard setup, the dipole antennas on top of my head that came in the box. Out in a big field they did pretty well, even under trees I never lost signal completely with the dipole stock setup.

And that’s actually pretty impressive because a lot of times when I get to dipole antennas I pretty much just toss them to the side because they’re never really any good. You could probably use these until you decide to get a clover leaf and a patch on this.

fpv goggles fxt viper v2


This set of goggles are very good. I was actually surprised how good they are in this price range. And if you’re wearing glasses, it’s a no brainer – these are one of the best out there.

You’re gonna get decent range out of them to have a pleasant experience in a big open field, and for a proximity flying they’re totally fine. 


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