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Taranis QX7 Review | FrSky Budget Transmitter

Today I’m checking out the FrSky Taranis QX7. This is a budget FrSky radio transmitter; and you may know that FrSky is a popular brand in the hobby. The QX7 is sort of a mix between the Taranis Plus and the Horus. However QX7 has had the price slashed down to minimum, but leaving all the ‘must have’ functionalities. 

The Taranis Plus is pretty much being made a standard in the mini quad community and the Hobby in general. Not really because it’s cheap it’s not, I think I paid 250$ for X9D Plus, but what it does is pretty remarkable compared to its competitors, from Futaba, Spektrum, Flysky etc.

But because it still is out of a lot of people’s price range, Frsky have come up with Tarranis QX7 model. When I got this the price was about 99$ without a battery.

If you are starting out in the hobby, check out our rc transmitter guide first.



Be sure to check the manual, it’s pretty decent. It tells you all the different information about your sticks and controls. It also tells you some basic information about your channels and the different functions versus the X9D.

qx7 taranis

After playing around with it for a while I can really recommend this model for someone just starting out in FPV, or even intermediate users looking to try FrSky solutions. For fair price you really get decent radio system.

The radio is packaged pretty much like any other FrSky radio – encased in styrofoam and cardbox. The Radio comes with a neck strap, stickers and a manual, downsize is that there is no battery or charger included.

ModelStore OptionsReceiverTypeRate
QX 7BanggoodFrSkyRC Transmitter★★★★★


This radio is compatible with all the different Frsky receivers. This one is FCC version. If you have an EU version it’s gonna be a bit different then the FCC version. So make sure you get the correct version of receiver for your Taranis Radio

qx7 version taranis


Be sure to check the manual, it’s pretty decent. It tells you all the different information about your sticks and controls. It also tells you some basic information about your channels and the different functions versus the X9D. 




We have dials instead of buttons, the functions are exactly the same as on Taranis X9D which only uses buttons. Dial is definitely a good upgrade as you can navigate faster through menu’s. 

The power switch is redesigned , it’s sort of push button, you press it once and it lights up.



The screen is smaller and it has a lower resolution. To turn it on is a little bit different as well, you have to press it and to turn it off it’s a long press. I prefer using a switch but that’s my preference.

The QX7 LCD Screen has slightly lower resolution than Taranis X9D which is noticeable right away. There is no option to change backlight color – it is something between blue and green.



The gimbals are quite good in this price range and this one’s got a more modern look. Throttle originally came on a ratchet which I prefer.

The ratchet comes usefull when training because if you’ve got like a couple of clicks that you can move up on the throttle if you were training someone you could go up on the throttle six clicks and they could count six clicks and that give you an idea where the throttle was as well.

It’s actually a lot easier than the X9D because there’s only four bolts that need unscrew and the backplate actually comes off much easier. For those with which these ball-bearing gimbals are not good enough, there is the possibility of upgrading with Hall sensor gimbals.



We have got less switches compared to X9D. But we have the switches that I usually use on a mini quad so I think that’s okay.

3 switches with 3 positions and 1 switch with 2 positions.

I usually have my mini quad arm on a two-position switch and I have my modes on a three-position.

I would prefer having 1 more 2 position switch instead of 3 position switch.

Then we have got these potentiometers; one doesn’t Center one does Center.

Below we have the headphone jack and trainer port.



The antenna has been redesigned. We have a more updated style antenna kind of like a DJI style antenna. it is 2 DB. It’s more of a flatter profile, and it seems it’s a little bit longer then the original X9D.

And remember you have a stronger signal when antenna is set to the site (left-right), and weaker signal at the very top of the antenna. So if you have an antenna pointing at your aircraft you’re gonna get weaker signal. Check the ‘Angle adjustment of the antenna’ in the manual. 



The QX7 does not come with a battery and charger. There is no charging circuit inside the TX such as in the X9D. There are several possibilities for powering the TX. You can either use a LiPo, 18650 cells, or a NiMh battery pack.

Personally 18650 cells have power density similar to LiPos, are relatively safer, and don’t take as much time to charge as NiMh packs do. Connector inside the battery compartment is a 2-3S balancing socket.

This is running from 6-15V ; you can put on the 2-3S battery; just make sure it has the right balance port connector. I would recommend the 2S just to be safe. 

But because we’ve got this very slim profile here you’re going to struggle to find a battery that fits. 

You can also use the AA batteries. 

Module Bay

You have a QR code that leads you straight to the Frsky website where you can learn more about the model. You also have those traditional pins for your modul. Be very careful with the pins , you can bend them easily and it’s kind of pain to get it back straight. You def. don’t want to break one of these off because you can ruin the functionality of your radio for module support. 



frsky taranis qx7 design x9d

This really is nice looking radio, the design feature is a lot like Horus, which I quite like because I’ve been flying for some time and transmitters look wise haven’t actually changed that much.

It’s less bulky close to the size of the Horus, It’s a little bit bigger and wider then the original X9D.

I like something that is nice and compact. Radios should definitely be smaller and not larger. I like something that is a bit more portable and something easier to travel with. 

With Taranis plus you get these sliders on the side which are good for camera gimbals.

However I don’t really fly the camera style quad with the Taranis anymore. Because you can’t outdo DJI on that. So if I’m honest I’m not using these sliders so that’s a reason not to get this one and you can never use all these switches as well .


You can setup up to 60 models as a default. You can add more if you use micro SD card and Open Tx companion software. 


qx 7 frsky ports

On the left side you have the Smart Port

Micro SD Card in the middle

We have got a mini USB  which can be used for updating the firmware and also used as a simulator as well.

ModelStore OptionsReceiverTypeRate
QX 7BanggoodFrSkyRC Transmitter★★★★★


That is my review of the Taranis QX 7; and I really like it. I think it’s great budget transmitter with good design.

The feel on holding the radio and using my thumbs or pinch was really comfortable compared to X9D and I didn’t have any issues flying with it. 

I would def. recommend it for both beginners and experienced users who would like to try the Frsky solutions, but don’t have the budget to go straight with industry standard X9D.


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